Free Write Friday: Week 2

This week it was Jake‘s turn to pick the writing prompt. For the purposes of not ruining the ending for you, I won’t tell you what the prompt was until the end, but here is my short story that resulted.


Jett scanned the park again from his hiding place in the trees. Children were playing on the playground, a couple was walking their dog, an old man was absentmindedly tossing popcorn to a few pigeons, and another was reading a newspaper, but no sign of her. No sign of the cops either, which was good; maybe she didn’t call them.

Jett had almost given up hope when finally a nervous-looking woman with an oversized bag came walking up the path near the two old men. She glanced around and, satisfied no one was watching, she shoved her bag into a trashcan, before quickly walking back the way she came.

Jett scanned the area once more. No one seemed to have noticed anything strange. The kids must have been part of a school group, because they were loading a bus. The couple with the dog had long since vanished. The only people left were the old men on the benches. The one with the newspaper was squinting, holding the paper inches from his face in attempt to read it. The other looked as if he was falling asleep. Jett decided to risk it; these two were hardly a threat, and he wanted to get this over with. He sent a quick text message: Standby with the kid, I’m about to get the money, and started down to the path. Nonchalantly he paused at the trashcan and peered in. The bag was further down than he had thought. He glanced around to make sure no one was watching, and then reached in to grab the bag. It was stuck on something, so he reached his other hand in and pulled. It came free, and he was about to walk away when he heard the unmistakable click of a gun. He froze.

“NYPD, turn around with your hands up!”

Jett turned around slowly and saw the two old men steadily pointing guns at him. The newspaper and popcorn were forgotten on the ground.

“Jett Powers, you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Rebecca Dawson.”

Across the park, Jett could see more police officers arresting his partner, while a small girl rushed into her mom’s arms. They were busted.


Writing Prompt:

“Never underestimate the lives of old men sitting on park benches.”


One thought on “Free Write Friday: Week 2

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