About Me

Hey Everyone!

My name is Emily and  I am an aspiring novelist, full-time student,  and part-time fast food employee. I am starting this blog in order to write more. Here you will see everything from my adventures with my friends, to random quotes or facts, samples of my writing, and just about anything else I get the urge to write about.

Here is a little about me!


Doane College (junior)


English/Language Arts


Speech Communication

Business Administration

Dream Job:

Full-time Novelist, though I also want to be an editor for a publishing company. And maybe run an after-school program. And a summer camp. Possibly an animal shelter. I have lots of dreams. 🙂


I spend the majority of the time I don’t spend on homework or at work reading and rereading my favorite books, writing, singing, crocheting, and working on my school’s theatre productions.

Favorite Authors:

My favorite authors are John Green, James Patterson, LJ Smith, JK Rowling, and Tamora Pierce, to name a few.

Favorite Music:

I listen to just about everything.  My playlists include Green Day, Panic! at the Disco, Bowling for Soup, Simple Plan, Billy Joel, Styx, Foreigner, Journey, Disney soundtracks, show tunes, Hank Green, Straight No Chaser, Paint, and many more.

Favorite Movies:

(In no particular order) Breakfast Club, Charlie Bartlett, Fired Up!, Pitch Perfect, The Lion King, and She’s the Man


What do you think?

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