Our Unintentional Ghost Hunt

Okay, so already I am off to a bad start by not posting when I am supposed to. So, instead of me posting yesterday, how about I tell you what I did on Wednesday, or rather, Wednesday night.

My friend Jake and I are both commuter students, so we have started a tradition of finding an empty classroom on campus every night where we hang out, do homework and watch tv shows.

We go to Doane College, a small Liberal Arts school in Nebraska. We have a fairly old campus, and some of the buildings have really interesting legends and histories attached to them.

Last night, we decided to watch the Conjuring in one of the classrooms in Gaylord, which just so happens to be the most haunted building on campus.

Bad idea.

Let me take a minute to say that I am a skeptic when it comes to the supernatural; I always try to find possible mundane reasons for things I see, hear, or feel. But when it comes to Gaylord, I firmly believe there is something there. Especially after last night.

We set up shop in a fourth floor classroom at about 10:30 pm. We played the movie on the projector, turned off the lights, and prepared to be scared. We had both seen the movie before, so we were doing alright, me crocheting a scarf, and Jake Snap Chatting. Then about ten minutes in, we both got the feeling we were not alone in that room. This wasn’t the first time we had felt that in this building, so neither of us were too concerned. Usually it was just a feeling.

Jake took a Snapchat of himself, and found that he was surrounded by orbs. We figured it could just be dust in the room; it was an old building after all. So we took another picture, this time at a different angle. The orbs appeared in the same places in relation to us. We wiped off the lens and flash, and tried once more, from a third angle. They were still there. This was weird, but we decided that we could ignore it, and tried to get back into the movie.

Then my friend started to feel a tapping on his shoulder. Taptaptap, taptaptap. He told meand it stopped for a few seconds, then started again. Taptaptap! He looked over his shoulder and said, ‘Stop that!’, and it did. The next moment, I felt something flick my ear. I thought maybe it was just my hair, but then it happened again. And again.

Needless to say, we decided that it was time to leave.

As we were packing up we took a couple more pictures, this time with the lights on.

Here is one of Jake, the orb still around his head.


The night before we had explored the third floor, and I had felt a strong, hostile presence in the west hallway, so we decided to take a few pictures on our way out. We immediately felt unwelcome, and we were almost unable to make it to the end of the hall. We took a few pictures before leaving, but didn’t look at them until we were out of the building. This is a picture of a classroom that I had refused to go into by myself on both nights.


Half of Doane is said to be haunted, and Jake seems to have a particular talent for attracting attention from the supernatural, so this was not our first encounter with the weird. However, this was one of the most definitive paranormal experiences I’ve ever had.

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