Day One: Here We Go…

My name is Emily and this is my writing experiment.

My plan is to post a blog entry every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the rest of the school year (May).

I will write about my journey of creating my first novel, my life, and any thoughts I have about the world in general. My goal is to become a better writer through this project, and hopefully create an interesting and entertaining blog for readers. đŸ™‚

For today I will share some random facts about me. If you want to know more, visit my About Me page.

  • I’ve been in six musicals, and have been cast as a homeless/poor person in four of them.
  • If you asked everyone I know to describe me, 98% would say I am that shy, quiet girl who rarely speaks. The other 2% would say I’m crazy and never shut up. Both are true. I am usually pretty quiet around strangers. In fact, there have been days when I’ve literally not spoken more than 2 words to anyone. However, when I hang out with my close friends and family, I am extremely crazy and loud.
  • I used to hate reading and writing, but now I can’t get enough of either.
  • I absolutely love all kinds of animals, but I have recently discovered that I am more nervous and panicky when holding my best friend’s four-inch pet lizard than I am when trying to out-run and catch thousand pound people-shy Arabian horses at the local horse rescue. I guess I’m weird that way.
  • I am a self-professed grammar nerd, and I love it. I laugh out loud at grammar jokes and puns, and physically cringe when I find typos in published work.

Comments and feedback are always appreciated!! If you have suggestions for what I should write about, let me know!